Does my dog need Probiotics?

Over 17,000,000 million results on that search in Google reveals that many pet owners who take daily probiotics themselves are wondering if maybe they should be giving their dogs probiotics too?

The research is clear; building a healthy immune system is the most important part of helping your dog live a long healthy life. If you’re confused about how dog probiotics can help, you’re not alone.

As a veterinary technician and top dog breeder, I spend a lot of time not only caring for dogs, but also advising pet owners about dog health care concerns. I get calls every day from pet owners looking for answers to their pet health questions.

I was the girl at your local vet's office, the vet tech who loved animals and wanted nothing more than to learn everything she could about pets and spend her days caring for them...  

Thirty years later I look back on those days with disbelief.  So much of what I was taught, what is still being taught to dog owners is simply and completely wrong and even detrimental to the health of the pets we love. 

Agatha's voted best dog probiotic by Pet Life Today two years in a row!

Agatha's voted best dog probiotic by Pet Life Today two years in a row!

"... all your dog needs to eat is her dog food, it's totally complete and balanced, she doesn't need vitamins.”

"Vaccines are perfectly safe and your pet needs repeated vaccinations (up to 30 mercury-laced strains in the first year alone).

(and how many 1000's of times did I caution pet owners with the special darling of the dog food companies?)

"..NEVER EVER give your dog "people food"

 (and denied dogs some of the real life-giving foods like meat and vegetables and eggs and yes, even some dairy that could have helped repair their damaged systems).


But the one I most regret? When customers would express concern over the shiny packaged pesticides we so casually handed out by the bag full?

Probiotics can help protect your pet's health

"Don't worry about using flea control drops, (or chews or collars) they're perfectly safe for you and your pet, just avoid touching him until they dry..." 

"People can be exposed to Fipronil, (Frontline, Sentry etc) a suspected carcinogen when they pet an animal that’s received a treatment. Fipronil persists for at least 56 days on pets..." 

Murray State University Study

I can't turn back the clock and help those clients and their pets, but since then I've spent years learning how to help people and pets overcome poor care choices and offer them alternatives.

You can change how you care for your pet and begin protect and repair her health today... 

That is the reason Agatha's Pet Wellness was founded.

Years ago maybe dog food was enough.  

Before a lifetime of too many vaccinations, preserved with aluminum and mercury and the neurotoxin Thimerosal.  (All of which would wreck havoc in the health of millions of pets years after they were given...

Before years of of cancer-causing flea and tick chews and drops and liquids.

Dog mascot Agatha of Agatha's Pet Wellness

Before the days of weekly dog food recalls and tainted rawhides.

Before every lawn was sprayed with a cornucopia of chemicals that your poor dog washes off his feet with his tongue…

Before the ravages of Canine Flu, even before your veterinarian was taught to warn you that giving your dog “people food” was akin to committing canine murder…

Over 30 years working with dogs in many fields has taught me hard lessons about the mistakes we are making in the way we care for our pets.  

Agatha changed everything for me as a dog owner and pet professional, when she came down with cancer at only 4 years of age it was ENOUGH.  


The good news is that there are many ways we can help our pets heal and thrive, in spite of harmful choices in the past.

So much of what I'd been taught was harmful for the health of the dogs I loved. I'd learned wrong ways of caring for my pets in my years in the pet industry and as one by one my beloved pets got sick and died years before they should have and I begin to question what I'd been taught and begin to search for better answers. Don't get me wrong.  We need our incredible veterinarians to care for our beloved pets.  I adore Agatha's doctors they are loving and compassionate care-givers. And yes, slowly, some veterinarians are beginning to include and embrace more natural options for pet care. 

But I was shocked to open a recent glossy periodical from a large veterinary teaching hospital to find it full of glib advertisements for even more poisonous chemical flea controls and urging pet owners to get the highly controversial Lyme Disease vaccine (which I would never give my dogs).

What years of experience with thousands of dogs has taught me is that sadly, conventional veterinary medicine refuses to acknowledge the dangers in many of the treatments prescribed or to agree there are natural products like probiotics pet owners can begin using to help keep their pets healthy. It will take decades to undo the damage that has been done, in the meantime, it's up to us as loving owners to educate ourselves and seek answers to help the pets we love.

My name is Terry Cross and I'm the CEO and founder (along with my good dog Agatha), of Agatha's Pet Wellness and as an animal caregiver I have a passion to help you learn better ways to care for your pets.

Here I am with beautiful Agatha who amazingly, is celebrating her ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY May 1st 2018! Happy Birthday Agatha!!!

Here I am with beautiful Agatha who amazingly, is celebrating her ELEVENTH BIRTHDAY May 1st 2018! Happy Birthday Agatha!!!

I've been there. A confused and frustrated pet owner, trying to find solutions, not just wild claims and dubious products.  Like you, I love my dogs, maybe way too much.  Perhaps, also like you, I thought I was taking good care of my pets. 

I found out the hard way that the most expensive dog food in the world and good intentions weren't enough.  And it almost cost my dog Agatha her life.

I tell Agatha's story here, funny Agatha who still thinks snow is ice cream that falls from the sky, brave Agatha, whose miraculous recovery became the inspiration for Agatha's Apothecary.  When she got sick almost 7 years ago, I frantically went on a mission to learn everything I could about natural ways to help the dog I loved. 

I became a reluctant expert at first, those years working as a veterinary technician and dog breeder had given me loads of practical experience.  Unfortunately, I had been taught to disregard and laughingly dismiss things like supplements and probiotics for pets.  I soon realized the answers I needed to help Agatha meant revisiting those natural alternatives that were my only hope to help the dog I loved. 

Agatha the canine mascot of Agatha's probiotics

"Eventually, I became the most fervent ambassador for probiotic use in dogs. I passionately began encouraging other dog owners to use probiotics but when they asked me what brands to buy, I quickly learned that most "dog probiotics" were almost useless formulas and a waste of time and money!"

And so Agatha's Pet Wellness was born and this great little dog has become the much loved canine poster child for showing dog owners how to help their own dogs live healthier lives too.  The story of her winning her battle against cancer, the silly stories on my blog that chronicle the adventures of a dog who has become the dog of a lifetime. 

She has some of the most amazing & loving customers on the planet. 

Agatha, on her birthday in 2018, still beautiful at age 11!

Agatha, on her birthday in 2018, still beautiful at age 11!

Faithful customers who are our best advertising, with their enthusiastic stories of how great supplements help their pets stay well too.  Today Agatha's products are helping 1000's of other people and their pets.  Agatha who still enjoys chasing the rabbit who lives down by the mailbox. 

Agatha who should have died, now helps other people's pets live "Happy + Healthy" lives. 

Good Dog Agatha!

Helping your dog repair starts today.

Take Agatha's 60-Day Probiotic Challenge 

Healthy dog playing.jpg

Place your order today and you'll have your 2 month supply super quickly (shipping is super fast!). Every morning when you give your dog her breakfast, simply pull open a tiny capsule of Advanced Probiotic and sprinkle over her wet or dry food.

(Remember: Capsules protect probiotics, they help your dog probiotics stay fresh and uncontaminated. Did you know even bacteria on your fingers can contaminate and kill delicate probiotics?)

She probably won't notice the taste (they are actually yummy, the prebiotic makes them slightly sweet). Be patient and look first for the small changes, subtle but oh so beneficial to your pet. A shinier coat, her breath will begin to lose any bad odor.  Her dental health can improve (new research shows that fresh probiotics applied directly to the teeth and gums when eaten with food, colonize in the mouth and fight bad bacteria and tarter VERY good news indeed!)  Her digestion will become better and if she has gas issues, there may be a temporary adjustment period as the bad bacteria fights it out with the new good bacteria you are supplying to her system, but don't give up, it will pass and the improvement will continue through her system. Dogs who've suffered from digestive problems and stomach upsets like IBS are astonishingly improved. 

Excess shedding?  Itchy scratching dog driving you crazy? Try Agatha's Advanced Probiotic!

Dogs who shed excessively and had hot spots and allergies are no longer scratching and digging for relief. 

Even dogs with chronic yeast problems and ear infections are soon much improved.  Subtle or dramatic, the most important changes are the ones happening inside your dog as her immune system is strengthened day after day, helping her fight unseen health challenges that could shorten her life.

Agatha's Probiotic Challenge Money Back Promise

If at the end of 60 days you don't believe your dog is on her way to a happier + healthier life, contact us and we'll be happy to refund your purchase price, no questions asked, you don't have to send back anything!

(Agatha said to tell everyone she wants them tail-wagging happy over her products or she'll personally oversee your refund!)

Order Advanced Probiotic

Advanced Probiotic will make it easy for you to get your pet started on the path to better health.


Try for 60 days

Use Advanced for 60 days worry free. Your pet is protected by our no risk money back guarantee.

HUG your pet

Welcome to the family!  You and your pet have joined the Agatha's family and started the journey to a happier + healthier life!


Looking for reviews on dog probiotics and other natural pet products? Hear what others have to say.

Here's one of my favorites.  Reviews like this one make me so proud of our products they truly are life-changing, not only for healthy pets, but for those who needed a miracle!

Dear Agatha's Pet Wellness,

"I'm so THRILLED to tell you that this month Wesley will pass that 2-year point-- still  happy and healthy."

"I'm so THRILLED to tell you that this month Wesley will pass that 2-year point--still happy and healthy."

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your wonderful probiotics!  I wrote you about a year ago telling you that my fur baby Wesley, had been diagnosed with hemangiomatosis and that he had between two months and two years to live.  Needless to say, I was totally devastated!  Three different veterinary pathologists all agreed on that diagnosis and prognosis.

Not being one to give up without a fight, I did some research and found Agatha’s.   Your pups look so happy and healthy, which is all I wanted for my dog.   I immediately ordered your probiotics, your natural flea and tick repellant and Agatha’s Elixir.  

I am so THRILLED to tell you that this month Wesley will pass that 2-year point—still happy and healthy.   

Even my vet is amazed, but delighted. Personally, I credit your fabulous products with strengthening his immune system enough to fight it off! 

Whenever he brings me his squeaky ball to throw for him I bless you and Agatha for developing such a wonderful product!  I’m so thankful! 
I plan to keep him on your products as long as I am lucky enough to have him!

Thank you again for all the love, knowledge, and encouragement you offer to all of us dog lovers!  May God richly bless you!
Elizabeth Burrell
His mercies are new every morning

Reviews from more of Agatha's devoted fans (including US!)  

Hannah Shields Cavachon

My Maggie loves her Elixir, We started having problems getting her to eat and I was worried about all the flea products I've used in the past. This is such an easy way to support her immune system and she loves the taste, she doesn't know it's actually good for her. If I forget to add it she waits until I put it on her breakfast!

Betty in Texas

Agatha's Luxury Lather Review

The best dog shampoo & coat conditioner I've ever tried!  It smells amazing and my french bulldog's skin has never been healthier. 

She doesn't seem to be shedding as much either, which is fantastic, plus her coat which tended to be dry and itchy is super soft and shiny now. 

Thank you Agatha!

Laura in NYC

Agatha with Terry and John Cross

Adding probiotics and natural supplements helped save Agatha's life.  She was only 4 years old when she was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, amazingly, Agatha will soon celebrate her 11th birthday and is a happy senior dog whose favorite hobby is chasing squirrels. Her miraculous recovery became the inspiration for Agatha's Apothecary and her products are helping 1000's of pets and pet owners, we are so happy to be part of her journey.  

John & Terry Cross  Founders Agatha's Apothecary

Dog Probiotic Review

My boxer Jeffrey has the most sensitive stomach and suffers from IBS. Advanced Probiotic is the first one I've tried that really made a difference. 

He's never looked so healthy, I'm ordering again!

Maggie in Ohio

Mrs Brad Agatha's Luxury Lather Dog Shampoo Review

"When I used this luxurious dog shampoo for the first time recently, it was so exquisite, I was actually quite jealous and nearly jumped in the tub with my doggie.

The aroma was deliciously fragrant and the lather perfectly effortless to work."

-Mrs. Brad - Tennessee

Dog probiotic review image

We love Agatha's probiotics! Our Bernese Mountain Dog, Sawyer had food allergies and hotspots and was constantly chewing and digging. 

We tried everything, cortisone shots you name it.  Sawyer has been on Advanced Probiotic for 2 months now and his coat is gorgeous and YAY no more digging and chewing OR hot spots!!!  I use it for all my dogs now, we are fans for life!

Miss Julia in South Carolina