Agatha with owners Terry & John Cross

A passion for helping other people's pets stay healthy started when we had to find answers to save Agatha. 

This is the story about a dog named Agatha and how her journey back to health resulted in a passion to help other dogs stay healthy too. 

A journey that led her owners on a search to find the answers to help the dog they loved when the veterinary community didn’t offer much hope for her survival. 

Agatha almost died when at only 4 years of age she developed a huge cancerous tumor.  Happily her story continues today, over 6 years since that scary bout with cancer, we are thrilled to say that she is a happy and energetic little dog whose favorite pastime is chasing (but never catching) rabbits on the Ohio farm where she still lives. 


Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary

Agatha, who should have died, will be 11 years old her next birthday.

Agatha of Agatha's Pet Probiotics

She still runs and plays like a puppy.  She's become the canine CEO of Agatha's Apothecary and inspiration for a popular series of stories chronicling this amazing little dog with the big heart and even bigger personality.

Her owners believe that quality supplements and high-dose probiotics were the foundation of her journey back to health.

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When Agatha developed cancer and their veterinarian gave little hope for her life, Agatha's top dog breeder, Terry Cross refused to accept losing her beautiful Cavalier who was just 4 years of age.  Feverishly, with her husband John, they researched natural ways to support pets with cancer and then contacted a nationally known naturopath to see if he was willing to help try to save her.  A dog lover himself, Dr Dimattea recommended immediately starting her on high doses of probiotics to build her immune system and help her body fight the cancer.

Other key nutrients and diet changes followed, and months passed and Agatha returned amazingly to full health with no sign of a return of the cancer.  At that time, dog probiotic formulas were often inferior in potency and frustrated they searched to find a formula that would benefit.  

After seeing Agatha’s amazing recovery, Terry began urging her clients to begin using Agatha's custom blend probiotics for their own dogs and like Agatha, other dogs began to show that using therapeutic levels of the right probiotic strains gave impressive results.

That probiotic blend later became Agatha’s Advanced Probiotic and a second potent formula, Probiotic Dog Essentials which continue to help a vast array of canine ills. From cancer to more common problems like IBS and digestive issues and diarrhea, to chronic food allergies and ear infections, even excessive shedding and hot spots, that first amazing probiotic blend helped a wide variety of dog problems simply and effectively.  

Eventually, Agatha found herself the inspiration for an entire line of outstanding dog health products, (she doesn’t mind as long as there are treats involved

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