How can I help my dog stay healthy?

You love your dog but do you worry about keeping him healthy? Just worrying isn’t enough, our mission at Agatha’s is to help you find the natural products to help your dog stay healthy and thrive. There are dozens of questions when it comes to keeping pets healthy, do you know the answer to these top three?

  • Does my dog need probiotics? I take probiotics, should my dog take a probiotic too? The answer is a resounding yes.

  • Do I have to feed my dog a raw diet? Who has time for that? Are there other ways to support your dog’s health that don’t involve cutting up yucky organ meats?

  • What to do about skin problems? I bathed my dog with dish soap and he got a hotspot, did you cause it? Why your dog needs shampoo formulated for dogs.

These are just a few of the questions that pet owners are searching for answers for. Those queries alone bring up an astonishing number of results on Google. “How can I help my dog stay healthy?” had over 285 MILLION results on Google, (sounds like a lot of pet owners are looking for answers).

Agatha's voted best dog probiotic by Pet Life Today two years in a row!

Agatha's voted best dog probiotic by Pet Life Today two years in a row!

If you’re frustrated you’re not alone, but the answers are easier to find than you think.

I know you’re busy and I’m so passionate about our products that I share lots more information than you probably have time to read. If you are too busy or in a hurry, if you simply don’t have TIME to read why your dog should be taking probiotics, or other dog supplements I’m asking you to just start with one of Agatha’s products, our probiotics. Either Agatha’s Advanced Probiotic if you have only one dog, or economy sized Agatha’s Probiotic Dog Essentials for multi pet homes. I’ve even added links to make it simple to try them. With all my heart I believe we’ve designed the best dog probiotics on the market today. If you want to help your dog and are overwhelmed with all the choices, just start with one of our complete dog probiotic blends and begin helping your dog live a longer, healthier life.

As a top dog breeder I spend a lot of time helping my clients find ways to help their dogs stay healthy. I get calls every day from pet owners looking for answers to their dog health questions. I’ve completely changed how I care for my dogs since those days when I thought veterinary medicine had all the answers for keeping pets healthy…

I was the girl at your local vet's office, the veterinary technician who loved animals and wanted nothing more than to learn everything she could about pets and spend her days caring for them...  

Thirty years later I look back on those days with disbelief.  So much of what I was taught, what is still being taught to dog owners is simply and completely wrong and even detrimental to the health of the pets we love. 

"Your dog doesn’t need supplements, just dog food, it's totally complete and balanced, she doesn't need vitamins.”

(It’s time to learn the truth about why dog food is not enough to keep your pet healthy).

"Vaccines are perfectly safe and your pet needs repeated vaccinations (up to 30 mercury-laced strains in the first year alone).

(Excess vaccines are now being blamed for the epidemic of allergies dog’s suffer with, joint disease and more).

"..NEVER EVER give your dog "people food"

 (How many 1000's of times was I told to warn pet owners with that stern command of the dog food companies and denied dogs the life-giving foods that could keep dogs healthy. Meat and vegetables and eggs and yes, even the dairy that could have helped repair their damaged systems).


But the one I most regret? When customers would express concern over the shiny packaged flea drops and chews we so casually handed out by the bag full?

Probiotics can help protect your pet's health

"Don't worry about using flea control drops, (or chews or collars) they're perfectly safe for you and your pet, just avoid touching him until they dry..." 

What rubbish! Read this from a leading university study;

"People can be exposed to Fipronil, (Frontline, Sentry etc) a suspected carcinogen when they pet an animal that’s received a treatment. Fipronil persists for at least 56 days on pets..." 

Murray State University

I can't turn back the clock and help those clients and their pets, but since then I've spent years learning how to help people and pets overcome poor care choices and offer them alternatives.

You can change how you care for your pet and begin protect and repair her health today... 

That is the reason Agatha's Pet Wellness was founded.

Years ago maybe dog food was enough.  

Before a lifetime of too many vaccinations, preserved with aluminum and mercury and the neurotoxin Thimerosal.  (All of which would wreck havoc in the health of millions of pets years after they were given...

Before years of of cancer-causing flea and tick chews and drops and liquids.

Dog mascot Agatha of Agatha's Pet Wellness

Before the days of weekly dog food recalls and tainted rawhides.

Before every lawn was sprayed with a cornucopia of chemicals that your poor dog washes off his feet with his tongue…

Before the ravages of Canine Flu, even before your veterinarian was taught to warn you that giving your dog “people food” was akin to committing canine murder…

Over 30 years working with dogs in many fields has taught me hard lessons about the mistakes we are making in the way we care for our pets, but, the good news is that there are simple ways we can help our pets heal and thrive, in spite of harmful choices in the past. Starting with a daily probiotic for example, to help build a healthy immune system is key.


“Years of watching clients struggle with their pet health problems and struggling to help my own dogs left me frustrated and questioning why so many dogs were getting sick. Then, when my beautiful Cavalier, Agatha came down with cancer, unbelievably, at only 4 years of age, it was ENOUGH, I knew there had to be a way to help her…” 

I'd learned wrong ways of caring for my pets in my years in the pet industry and as one by one my beloved pets got sick and died years before they should have and I begin to question what I'd been taught and begin to search for better answers.

Don't get me wrong.  We need our incredible veterinarians to care for our beloved pets.  I adore Agatha's doctors they are loving and compassionate care-givers. And yes, slowly, some veterinarians are beginning to include and embrace more natural options for pet care. 

But it is a slow process; I was shocked to open a recent glossy periodical from a large veterinary teaching hospital to find it full of glib advertisements for even more poisonous chemical flea controls and urging pet owners to get the highly controversial Lyme Disease vaccine (which I would never give my dogs).

It will take decades to undo the damage that has been done; in the meantime, it's up to us as loving pet owners to educate ourselves and seek answers to help protect the health of the animals we love.

My name is Terry Cross and I'm the CEO and founder of Agatha's Pet Wellness and helping pets live longer and healthier lives is why I founded Agatha’s Pet Wellness.

Here I am with beautiful Agatha who amazingly, is celebrating her 12th birthday May 1st 2019! Happy Birthday Agatha!!!

Here I am with beautiful Agatha who amazingly, is celebrating her 12th birthday May 1st 2019! Happy Birthday Agatha!!!

I've been there. A confused and frustrated pet owner, trying to find solutions, not just wild claims and dubious products.  Like you, I love my dogs, maybe way too much.  Perhaps, also like you, I thought I was taking good care of my pets. 

I found out the hard way that the most expensive dog food in the world and good intentions weren't enough.  And it almost cost my dog Agatha her life.

I tell Agatha's story here, funny Agatha who still thinks snow is ice cream that falls from the sky, brave Agatha, whose miraculous recovery became the inspiration for Agatha's Apothecary.  When she got sick 8 years ago, I frantically went on a mission to learn everything I could about natural ways to help the dog I loved. 

I became a reluctant expert at first, those years working as a veterinary technician and dog breeder had given me loads of practical experience.  Unfortunately, I had been taught to disregard and laughingly dismiss things like supplements and probiotics for pets.  I soon realized the answers I needed to help Agatha meant revisiting those natural alternatives that were my only hope to help the dog I loved. 

Agatha the canine mascot of Agatha's probiotics

"Eventually, I became the most fervent ambassador for probiotic use in dogs. I passionately began encouraging other dog owners to use probiotics but when they asked me what brands to buy, I quickly learned that most "dog probiotics" were almost useless formulas and a waste of time and money!"

And so Agatha's Pet Wellness was born and this great little dog has become the much loved canine poster child for showing dog owners how to help their own dogs live healthier lives too.  The story of her winning her battle against cancer, the silly stories on my blog that chronicle the adventures of a dog who has become the dog of a lifetime. 

She has some of the most amazing & loving customers on the planet. 

Sweet Agatha just turned 12 on May 1st 2019! She is AMAZING!!!

Sweet Agatha just turned 12 on May 1st 2019! She is AMAZING!!!

Faithful customers who are our best advertising, with their enthusiastic stories of how great supplements help their pets stay well too.  Today Agatha's products are helping 1000's of other people and their pets.  Agatha who still enjoys chasing the rabbit who lives down by the mailbox. 

Agatha who should have died, now helps other people's pets live "Happy + Healthy" lives. 

Good Dog Agatha!

Healthy dog graphic

It's difficult to know exactly what your pet needs to prosper. Even Agatha had her share of health issues, until we found the answer in proper nutrition. Agatha's Apothecary - made with your pet's health in mind.

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