Should You Get A Second Dog?

Agatha's Apothecary article should you get a second dog?

Is your dog spending a lot of time on her own? Does work keep you away from home more hours than you'd like and do you find yourself seized with guilt because your dog seems lonely and you feel bad that she's on her own so many hours of the day?

I get asked questions like that a lot and I tell people that our dogs have great lives, in spite of our busy schedules, almost all of the time. Dogs have never been better cared for or loved by their families.  They spend billions on treats and toys (and supplements I hope!) but sometimes giving our dogs the company they need to thrive just isn't possible.

Perhaps it's time to get your dog a dog?

We forget, dogs are pack animals and as such, they are simply happiest when part of a pack.  They love people foremost and that's the pack most dog's prefer, but when you must be gone long hours at a time, having two dogs can be a really great way to give your dog some company.  I truly believe two dogs keep each other healthier (they play and exercise, keep away boredom and stress) and happier when they must be "home alone".