Agatha Sends Grateful Wags

Agatha says thanks!

Our AMAZING Customers!!!

We have the most amazing customers. 

Really and truly, some of the most wonderful people who not only love their own dogs but who love Agatha & her products.

Even some raving fans who actually hand out samples and write me letters like the following from Carolyne who is definitely going above the call of duty giving away her own Elixir for samples lol! 

(don't worry, I'm sending her some more to replenish her stash : )

"BTW, I've been handing out samples of Agatha's Elixir to folks out here (New England area) and am getting good feedback -  I think the Elixir and the Fur Freshener are my favorite products but I have them all... ; ) I gotta give you props- the new puppy treats you have in your puppy supply list are amazing. I think I have nearly two of everything so I don’t run out, lol.  You really do have the best products out there.  I save the elixir containers and fill them up to give out to friends that get puppies or talk about dogs with no appetite.  

Just like with children, sometimes it takes a village with our pups too ; )"

I’m such a fan!

Carolyne with Kipper in New England

I'm astonished and thankful every day for every one of you (and I've missed so many names, I'll look at this tomorrow and be so embarrassed to miss people who have been such incredibly kind and sweet customers and friends of Agatha's.  You fill my Inbox with letters and pictures of your four-footed family members, even people from Amazon who I've not met personally who shout; 

Agatha's review stars.png


Or What about the incredible lady who left 5 Five Star Reviews today?!?


I'm joining with my sweet Agatha and sending all of you our most grateful and yes,,, 

WARMEST & Fondest WAGS!  WE WUV YOU!!!!!

Agatha says woof!