Agatha Says She Might Have To Take Over The Shipping Department

Agatha's Amazing Peppermint Cleaner

Lately, it seems like it's been raining peppermint cleaner.  

(Agatha says she needs an umbrella.)

In my wild enthusiasm to share Agatha's Peppermint Cleaner with the world, there have been a few missteps.

(Agatha says this is such a vast understatement.)

Agatha's Apothecary Natural Cleaner

The honest to goodness product from a recipe refined in my farmhouse kitchen and finally after years of people begging for bottles (once you smell it and clean with it you'll know why) proudly wearing the Agatha's Apothecary label.

It's my favorite cleaner in the whole wide world. 

(Have I mentioned that before?)

I'll try to restrain myself but it's truly totally amazing.  Peppermint oil and other completely natural ingredients, mean I'm not afraid to use around two or four-footed little people and nor will you.

In my fervor to share it's wonderfulness with the world I neglected (ignored) some key issues that it might have been important to think about before rushing the first shipment out the door...

(Agatha is taking notes for future reference).

#1.  It is not necessary to buy sample bottles by the case. (Since we now have several gigantic cases of second, third and fourth choice bottle rejects stored (hiding from husband) in the basement.

#2.  Finding the perfect trigger sprayer was hard but it's not necessary to buy sample sprayers by the case.  (See #1).

#3. It's a good idea to carefully proofread the labels before ordering in bulk.  For example, special attention should be paid to the number of ounces in the bottle.  (For those kind souls who received the 18-ounce bottle with the 4-ounce labels, please accept Agatha's sincerest apologies, this will be remedied shortly (or as soon as we use up a whole bunch more labels).

#4.  When answering a nice customer's request asking for samples to hand out to friends and family, (hugs to Carolyne).  Be sure to send huge package full of bottles to the CORRECT customer. 

(Agatha sends apologetic wags to bewildered Gail C. in Texas who, instead of finding one bottle of cleaner in her shipment, opened her HUGE box to find 2 dozen additional bottles.


(Agatha is especially embarrassed about this snafu but Gail is really happy : )  

Peppermint Cleaning Spray from Agatha's Apothecary

#5.  It might be a good idea to order takeout if we are going to keep meals on the table.  Dinnertime may be occasionally (often) delayed as we sort out issues in the bottles, sprayers, labels, shipping & free samples departments.  

(Agatha says this area in particular needs improvement sooner rather than later).

#6.  It's probably not really important to obsess over how many bubbles show in the images for the ads on Amazon.  OK, so I adore how it bubbles up when given a shake to activate the peppermint oil, but, counting the bubbles and sending the poor graphic artist multiple pictures of said bubbles (so she can see them REALLY CLOSE is way overthinking the process).


(Agatha say's it's kinda like watching paint dry).

Agatha's Apothecary Natural Peppermint Cleaner

#7.  Check shipping rates carefully before fulfilling orders.  Spending MORE on "Free Shipping" to send the package than you MAKE on the contents is probably not good for business. Especially as Agatha reminds me, the goal is to actually receive $$$ for all this drama and hard work.

(Agatha is especially worried that her allowance for dog biscuits might be adversely affected and asks everyone to:

"Woof Woof!!! (Please buy more stuff").

All kidding aside, we're just so excited about this newest of Agatha's Apothecary products.  It really was created here at the farm with Agatha helpfully napping nearby (while I slaved over the process). 

Sweet Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary

We hope you love it as much as we do.


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