Twizzler Falls In Puppy Love

Cavapoo Puppy

It's a snowy Saturday evening in Ohio and I'm thinking about how our puppies find their way to their forever homes.  We had a visit this afternoon, a sweet couple from Columbus had brought their little girl Berkley to pick a puppy.  She was over the moon with excitement, her mom said that Berkley had been pleading for a puppy for years and they'd promised she could have one for her 8th birthday.  I love visits like this one.  Berkley was starry-eyed and quietly exuberant about finally getting to have a puppy of her own. 

Twizzler and Viola were the puppies that were available and as the family came into the kitchen and looked oohing and aahing into the puppy playpen, I could tell immediately that Viola and Berkley were meant for each other.  Twizzler could tell too but still began an earnest campaign to convince everyone that he was the puppy they should go home with.  Read More...