Happy Birthday Agatha!

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Still beautiful and thriving, truly a miracle dog my sweet Agatha...

Still beautiful and thriving, truly a miracle dog my sweet Agatha...

May 1st, 11 years ago today, a tiny Cavalier puppy was born who would bless and impact my life in ways I never dreamed possible.  

We share a birthday, Agatha and I and I look back on her arrival and believe that she was part of a bigger plan that I never imagined when that fluffy little bright-eyed bundle entered our lives on an beautiful summer day in 2007.

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What a blessing she has become, a blessing in not only my life but in the lives of thousands of people and pets and like many blessings, hers would come as the result of the hard things that came to her and to me, because of her.  Because of her illness I found a determination to find new ways to care for my pets and the pets of our clients as well.

Agatha's face gazes out at me from her products and reminds me of the importance of what we're doing and to give nothing but the best for the pets and people who trust and depend on us.

Agatha covered in snow

Her sweet face is little grayer but she is just as full of fun and humor and as enthusiastic about living life as when she was a mischievous puppy those long years ago. 

Baby Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary
Agatha running and playing on her birthday

My silly girl still races happily down the hill to look for rabbits and manages to finagle a tortilla chip from us once in a while when she's looking for a snack.

Like all good dogs, she has made it her life's work to be at my heels ever the faithful companion.  She has such a sense of the comic and those dark eyes still twinkle with mischief as she ponders new ways to entertain her people and make them laugh.


Because Agatha got sick, I was forced to find answers for helping her get well.  Because her veterinarian, good man that he was, sent me home with my post-surgery dog with no real treatment plan other than to wait and see if she would survive, I was forced on a mission to find answers to help her not only survive but happily return to the joyful fun-filled creature that inspired the company named in her honor. 

The company that might not have existed. 

The healing products that would never have been made available to other people who love their dogs too and sometimes find themselves also searching for ways to help them stay healthy or find ways to nourish and support them if they are ill. 

Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary and puppy friend

Our dogs are gifts and enrich our lives in a thousand ways.  They help us open our hearts, not only to them but to each other.  It's a privilege and I've loved being part of making that happen for more dogs and their owners, 

John and I have committed to share a generous portion of the income from Agatha's products to help the hurting around the world, from an orphanage for deaf children in Africa, to medical missions to 3rd world countries, to feeding the homeless at a shelter in Detroit, every month with the Lord's help we will continue to pass on the blessings that we have received.

Agatha helping with her Apothecary

I wonder if Agatha knows any of the plans that were set in motion 7 years ago when that devastating diagnosis was pronounced?  Sometimes when she sits dreaming in the sun I like to think that she has a tiny glimpse into the big things even just a small dog can be part of.

Loving Agatha the little Cavalier dog of Agatha's Apothecary

I  know she can't live forever, but I am grateful for every day I wake up and make my morning coffee and am greeted with this loving creature all awag with a joyful welcome that now the long night is over. She has been one of the most loyal and faithful friends I've ever known and I am eternally grateful that He sent her to me.

Happy birthday my sweet little Agatha, with prayers for many more...