Agatha's Owner Is Having A Bad Morning

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Dear Agatha's Fans,

I was innocently going through my emails this morning, the sun was shining and Agatha was snoozing in a sunbeam nearby when I received a notice of a poor review on my most beloved product, the formula that helped save Agatha's life.  

I'm shocked at how upset it made me.  I immediately searched for the products this customer mentioned and that's when I got mad. 

Junk Junk JUNK products!  I'm sorry but when I read their advertising it says their dose of 1 Billion CFU's per serving...  How is that possible when one serving of any of Agatha's probiotics contains more than the entire package of these "value brands"???

"Is far more than any of the leading competitors."

Agatha the Cavalier of Agatha's Apothecary

Below is my reply (please tell me I wasn't too harsh with this poor uninformed woman : (  I shouldn't get so upset but reviews matter!  Other dog owners search for answers, read reviews like this one and then buy products that are simply too diluted and weak to be of much value at all...

"I don't often get upset but when pet owners get duped into thinking that inferior products are going to help their pets AND place a bad review that sounds like an ad for those inferior products AND encourages other pet owners to do the same I can't help myself...

To compare those two products to Agatha’s Advanced Probiotic and say they are a better value is ludicrous. (I'm sorry, but it's true). 

I checked out the competitor's products which you claim are a “better value”...

Doggone Best brags about their ONE Billion CFU's per scoop (Agatha’s contains 15 Billion per annoying tiny capsule)
Doggone Best = 3 probiotic strains (Agatha’s little capsules are loaded with 10 of the most nourishing strains we could source and take all of 20 seconds to open and sprinkle).

Why capsules? Probiotics are fragile. When you put your fingers or a scoop that's picked up bacteria from the counter into loose probiotic powder you can destroy the entire package. Capsules protect probiotics and keep them fresher and alive. Some people really don't want to fiddle with capsules and I understand, but use caution in handling or that container will slowly die off and be of no use at all to your dogs.

Elite Dog Probiotics (The “formula” looks identical. A paltry one Billion CFU's per serving. 

I tell pet owners all the time. Educate yourself. READ the fine print on supplements you are spending hard earned money on and giving your pet hoping for good results.

By the way? You mentioned preferring a loose probiotic product? We have an incredible one; Dog Probiotic Essentials is packaged in a powder with a scoop for multiple dog homes. (Just remember to protect that powder from bad bacteria which will try to gobble up the good guy probiotics!).

It contains 45 Billion CFU’s PER scoop… You could give your dogs each one-tenth of a scoop of our probiotic and they would still get 5 times the probiotics per serving. Our package would last you over two years and benefit your dogs immensely. 

Lastly? Poor grade, low-quality dog probiotics were the reason I started Agatha’s Apothecary. As a veterinary technician and dog breeder, I used to watch our client's dogs get sick and die years before they should have. When Agatha got cancer, I went on a mission to find the best supplements available to help save her life.

That experience (and her miraculous recovery) was the reason I began Agatha’s Apothecary. Quality products do yes, miraculous things for pet health. 
Yes, they cost more:
It’s very very expensive to make our products. But I promise you that I won’t sell junk. I couldn’t do that to people who love their pets. Agatha won’t let me…

Thanks for listening, I hope I haven’t offended you. I get so frustrated when people get duped into giving their pets less than the best for their health.

I’ve issued a refund for your purchase, and I hope you’ll use it to get your dogs a bag of Probiotic Dog Essentials."

Terry Cross
CEO and founder of Agatha’s Apothecary
(along with my good dog Agatha

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