Agatha's Has A New Name

Agatha's Apothecary name change blog post

Agatha's Apothecary has a new name. 

Not that we wanted a new name, but life happens and sometimes the mailbox has unsettling news...

Agatha kinda likes it, (but then she always had trouble spelling apothecary...)

Lemons in a pink bowl

I'm usually quite happy to see Sandy, the chestnut-haired girl who delivers our mail but little did I know that her cheerful delivery last week would have us scrambling to make lemonade out of some rather sour lemons. 

An official-looking letter addressed to Agatha's Apothecary caught my attention on the top of the stack.  The long and the short of the startling news from the state of Ohio was this: 

Though we thought we had dutifully applied and made application for the name "Agatha's Apothecary" many years ago.

Though we were given a license and approved for the name by the state of Ohio, it had "come to the attention" of the powers that be that we were using the name "Apothecary" which was not allowed and was breaking all kinds of scary sounding rules...  

Feather brown and white vintage watercolor Vianneart

You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather.

I was stunned.  Bewildered. Distressed and upset at not only the loss of the name that I loved and the name and brand I had worked for years to build, but the appalling thought of the work it would be to "remove" the offending word from literally every piece of advertising, every product, it was overwhelming.

Treasure chest filled with jewels watercolor Vianneart

Change our name?  Not use Agatha's Apothecary?  The business that I love, the name inspired by Agatha and her journey back to health?  I loved our name.  Loved the way Apothecary fit with Agatha and at first I was startled and completely dismayed and heartsick, convinced that Agatha's was being badly treated, refusing to stop and consider that this could possibly be a blessing in disguise.


I called an attorney, gnashed my teeth and wailed that it just was so unfair.  I ran about proclaiming bitterly,,, 

"The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!"

The powers that be were inexorable (I've always wanted a spot to use that word) and maintained that the protest came because we sound too much like a drugstore (which of course we are not) and that no matter how much I loved Apothecary, it had to go.... IMMEDIATELY..... 

I begged and pleaded stressed myself and finally decided (belatedly) that praying might be a good idea and tried to remain calm and reach out for help from my sweet friend Oana, the super talented graphic designer who holds my hand through problems like these and finally a light began to appear at the end of the tunnel, along with a name that suddenly began to make perfectly beautiful sense... 

(like God had a plan and everything had been under control from the start...)

Agatha's Pet Wellness Logo

Agatha's Pet Wellness 

As soon as I heard it I knew it was the answer.  As much as I loved Agatha's Apothecary, it WAS hard to spell (agatha says she totally agrees). 

It certainly wasn't "search engine friendly" (helping people know what Agatha's was all about) and though I'm really not great with change, this change was truly for the best.

It clearly tells the world that we're all for pets and all for pet wellness too, how great is that?

We hope you love it as much as we do!  

Agatha say's to tell everyone you're invited to a picnic & she's making the lemonade!

Agatha's Pet Wellness pet picnic graphic