Is your dog in danger? (even in the fall cars get HOT!)

Infographic on the dangers of leaving pets in cars unattended.

Keeping pets safe, your car can become dangerously hot quicker than you think…

Fall is fast approaching and it seems like instead of cooling off the days are getting hotter! I was shocked recently, to see two dogs left in a parked car at an area shopping mall. Thankfully, the owner had only made a brief stop and arrived back just as I was ringing 911 to rescue her canine companions, hopefully I was able to give her a clear warning of how short a time it actually takes for a vehicle to reach life-threatening temps. I thought this article from FIGO Pet Insurance and the infographic showing the drastic rise in vehicle temps was so well done I had to share it, this not an affiliate link, just a reminder to keep the dogs you love safe!

Bringing The Heat created by FIGO Pet Insurance.

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