Are Flea & Tick Control Products Toxic To Pets And People?

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Are you worried about the flea control products you’ve been using on your pets?  

If you’re not, for the sake of your children who are exposed to pesticides every time they play with that new puppy, maybe it’s time you were. 

Page after page on Google shares dire warnings about the level of toxins contained in popular flea drops, chewables and collars.  Here’s a quote from a veterinarian about the dangers of the very products that literally millions of unsuspecting owners are using on their pets.

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"I hesitate to recommend any insecticide product that is intended to remain on the surface of the pet’s fur. I do not want any personal exposure to these products. I would never apply flea powder or use a flea collar containing propoxur or tetrachlorvinphos on my pets for fear that not only could it be carcinogenic or toxic to my pet but also to anyone exposed to it.

Reported by the National Resources Defense Council, when an adult plays with a cat or dog wearing one of these insecticide collars they could be potentially exposed to up to 500 times the safe levels of the pesticide set by the EPA.

This number is substantially higher for children. Their exposure to the toxin is up to 1,000 times the safe level."

- Donna Solomon, DVM, Veterinarian, Animal Medical Center of Chicago  

Please read the above quote through a couple of times and let it sink in parents.  I find it really scary when one of the top veterinarians in the country is afraid to use the very flea control products that millions of unsuspecting dog and cat owners apply to their pets every single month!

It's been years since those heedless days when I believed everything the pharmaceutical salesmen with his shiny flea control samples told me.  The journey with too many of our clients dogs through illness and early death, the cancers in my own dogs.  Agatha and her illness were the springboard to finding natural ways to care for my pets and help my clients care for their pets too.

I've become an ardent spokesperson and my passion is to warn pet owners of the dangers of common misconceptions about pet health.  Every day, via Agatha's Pet Wellness, I work to show pet owners safer ways to live life with their dogs, to show them great products that will help every area of life with pets.

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