Using Toxic Monthly Flea Control


This is probably the area where you'll feel the most frustration when it comes to disagreeing with your veterinarian.  A lady called the other day, indignant because the girls behind the counter at her veterinarian's office laughed at her when she asked if flea products could hurt her dog.  

Unfortunately, most vets are oblivious or in denial about the long-term health risks associated with the rows of flea products lining the shelves in his dispensary.   

Those of you who know Agatha's Pet Wellness, know that I am an advocate for educating pet parents about the dangers of these products not only to the pets they are applied to but to the children who handle and live with those pets.  

I’ve written an eBook called The Frightening Facts About Flea Control For Dogs and it’s absolute must read if you're not yet convinced that those monthly drops you apply to the family dog have the potential to do immeasurable harm to those you love. It contains a catalog of scary reasons to kick toxic flea control to the curb if you have any doubts or need the courage to go a more natural route.   A recent call from a lady who found herself at a cancer clinic for dogs was a chilling reminder of the dangers many owners are completely unaware of:

"I was in the waiting area with some of the other dog owners there and we were discussing why so many dogs were getting cancer. More than anything else, we blamed the poisons I got from my vet to keep fleas away. I can't believe I used that stuff on my poor dog for so long, it makes me sick to think of what I was doing to her all those years..."

Alice Tompkins, Maryland