Step 1  Probiotics and pet health

Agatha's Apothecary Advanced Probiotics

Research shows that high quality probiotics can help your dog with a multitude of health issues.  By introducing healthy or "good" bacteria to your pet's system day after day you help her immune system to build and repair. Those probiotics will seed in her digestive tract, eradicating bad bacteria and pathogens. From ear infections to food allergies, maintaining dental health to preventing cancer, probiotics for your pet are the most important step you can take to help her stay or get healthy.

Probiotics can be cheaply made or made the right way.  Most "pet probiotics" are low dose chewables (never a good way to deliver probiotics, they just can't survive the manufacturing process) or a ineffective 2 or 3 Billion CFU's per serving with only 4 or 5 strains.

Our goal from the beginning was to source the freshest grown, highest potency (at least 15 Billion CFU per serving) probiotics with numerous strains of the most pet beneficial bacteria that could survive the acidic digestive system of dogs and cats.

You know what?

We have lab tested competitors probiotics and found that some of the most popular products contained absolutely no living bacteria,

NONE whatsoever...  

It costs more to create unique powerful supplements but our pets deserve the best we can deliver.

If you have a small pet population, Advanced Probiotic is a capsule delivery (read stay-fresh, easy open, exact dose).  You can give in a treat or pull the capsule open and sprinkle over food.  Some pets beg for their morning dose (the prebiotics are pleasantly sweet tasting).  If you have more than one pet, the Probiotic Dog Essentials come in a convenient pouch with a scoop for easy dosing.  Start with 1/2 a dose daily for 1 week, then a full capsule or 1 scoop a day.