Confused about finding the best dog probiotics and other natural supplements for your pet?

I’m not surprised, the claims made for many dog probiotics and pet vitamins are so misleading and confusing it’s appalling.

I have a confession to make. I really don't like selling, but I’m on a mission to help educate people who love their pets so they can learn how to see past the hype and really read the labels on that dog probiotic package (which can be incredibly misleading) so they find products that truly benefit their dogs and cats.

I don't have to like selling, it's too important to get the message out to people about helping their pets stay healthy. Probiotics are hugely helpful for dogs and cats. I love pets, dogs most of all and I love the people who care for them. I am passionate about helping them find effective and yet economical ways to help the dogs they love live healthier and yes, longer lives.

My other goal?  To help make most of your dog's trips to the vet involve routine care and not expensive and heartbreaking last ditch efforts to help save her from illness that you might be able to prevent by adding the right supplements to her diet.  

By the way, I don't like marketing either.  And I'm shy (what a great combination for the owner of a pet supplement company right?)

I would much rather work with the dogs and clients I know and love. But I can't not share what I've learned about keeping pets healthy in a 30 year career with them. Agatha's Pet Wellness is helping 1000's of pets already, but I'm driven to help more pets avoid illness and disease.  

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While I'm being honest, I have to admit it's a hard road to travel.  Agatha's Pet Wellness is a little fish in a sea filled with bigger fish (and more than a few sharks).

I got really mad a few days ago listening to a podcast about how to "market" products.

The moderator bragged and shared "secrets" about how to purchase incredibly cheap products from China and import them by the container load into the US.  He encouraged spending millions of dollars to create fake reviews and inflated sales numbers.  He was selling software that would help sellers manipulate product searches to create demand for this shoddy merchandise and sell it to the unsuspecting customers his marketing was aimed at. 

They are good at what they do. Very good and my dream and passion for healthy pets and great products seemed embarrassingly small as I listened to the vast incomes that the miserable junk they were pawning off on people was bringing in.

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I left that podcast long before it ended with no regrets but I've thought a lot about those "marketing experts" and how happy I am to have the freedom to carefully design and choose our products.  How they would laugh if they saw how we lovinging send (the orders that come from this site & outside of Amazon : ) with blue & silver tissue paper tucked around packets of probiotics or shampoo or treats, with samples tucked in for an extra surprise.  On the outside of each box a shiny round sticker with sweet Agatha prancing on the label...

I'm proud of this small business and what it does. I know Agatha's products are truly safe and beneficial (and made in the good ole USA) and most of all?

Agatha's products truly help pets live Healthy + Happy lives, and that's all that really matters...

Oh, and before I forget??

Agatha says please disregard the part about her mom not liking selling and please,,, BUY NOW : )