A Plea For The Dandelion

Pony in field with flowers

The neighbors have a new small addition to their place this morning.  I look out while having my coffee and see him.  Adorably round and still wearing his winter woolies, is the smallest of brown and white ponies.  He's wandering a bit bewildered through his big paddock.  Horses are funny creatures and I can tell this little one is wondering why he's been left all alone and when someone will come and see him and bring a nice breakfast of oats to help ease his arrival in this new home.

Agatha watches the pony

Agatha watches him with interest, she fancies herself quite the equestrian, there have been horses at Foxglove Farm since she was a puppy.

Cute pony in field of dandelions

I call a hello to the pony and he lifts a friendly face and comes striding happily over to meet us. He's a nice fellow and Agatha and he are soon fast friends.

Pony at Foxglove Farm

Remembering my coffee, I tell him goodbye and promise to return with an apple at lunchtime.  Walking back up the hill to the house I'm astonished at the view, thousands and thousands, no, perhaps millions of the yellow flowers, and I'm glad we do no battle with these cheery guests.  The sunshine has brought a veritable ocean of dandelions to welcome us this sunny morning.

Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary in field of dandelions

You know, I read the other day that scientists are finding Roundup in the rain.  In this often bewildering world we live in, they've genetically modified tomatoes by adding the genes of the flounder fish to make them last longer on the grocery store shelves.

(No wonder there's not a bit of flavor left in the poor tortured things.)

Our pets are slathered in chemicals, the long-term effects of which I shudder to contemplate.  I saw an ad the other day showing a Beagle racing through a plastic tube in the family yard. The announcer boasted of how the monthly application of their flea & tick preparation would alter the reproductive systems of fleas that simply walk on your pet.

Doesn't that frighten anyone else?

Agatha looks worried about toxic flea products

When my sweet Agatha developed cancer almost 6 years ago, unbelievably when she was only a little over 4 years of age, I determined that I would do everything I could to help her survive.  Many of you know that journey to healing, my search for the supplements and natural products that would build her immune system.  She's the inspiration for Agatha's Apothecary and the canine poster child to help encourage other dog owners to use the products that can help their own pets live healthier lives.

Agatha of Agatha's Apothecary in field of flowers and sunshine

And so as my good dog and I head back to finish my waiting coffee, I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for the new pony and his handsome pony face.

I'm thankful for the lovely yellow, untidy but cheerful dandelions, who always bring a few violets along for the show.

Dandelions and violets

And I'm exceedingly grateful that God heard my prayers for my dear Agatha, that He helped me find the things that would help her, and that she's here with me to enjoy another year.  That she's full of life and still runs like a puppy up the hill ahead of me.

After all, she says, we don't want to be late for breakfast.

Agatha the Cavalier runs home for breakfast