Let Probiotics help fuel your healthy dog

Let Probiotics help fuel your healthy dog


How Probiotics help your dog 

Why giving your dog probiotics are key to keeping her healthy.

I stood watching a steady line of dog owners as they checked their pets in for treatment at a large teaching animal hospital in our area.  Nice looking owners with pets of all ages; a shaggy brown and white Jack Russell sporting a cute red bandana, an elderly Bichon with a serious looking bandage wrapped tightly around her abdomen, the entrance doors slid open every few minutes to usher in one serious case after another. 

Worried looking pet owners who loved their dogs and were probably not only concerned about helping them, but as I watched an elderly man in a wheelchair with a small red dog in his lap wheel in, many of them also hoping they could afford the cost of trying to help their pets get well.

I couldn't help but wonder how many of them might have prevented some of their pet's health problems with changes in the way they cared for them?  Not all illness can be avoided with supplements and diet, but making wise choices before pets get sick can be life-changing, and many dogs that are already suffering health problems can be greatly helped as well.

  • Giving your dog probiotics help her fight off viruses like canine dog flu.
  • Daily probiotics populate her digestive tract with "friendly bacteria" which help chronic issues like IBS 
  • Hot spots and food allergies can relieve your pet's constant scratching and help excess shedding.
  • Research shows that probiotics can help prevent some cancers.

One of the top reasons for dogs being euthanized is skin problems that have become systemic and advanced to such a chronic disease state that there is no cure for your miserable suffering pet.

"My dog has severe allergies and we've tried everything, the vet says we may have to put him down, can you help us?"

The number one reason for visits to the veterinarian and one of the hardest to help pets with are skin problems.  Hot spots, allergies, dermatitis, the list goes on.  Continue reading: