Agatha's Apothecary Elixir Pet Health Tonic

Step 2 Daily Pet Tonic

Your pet is the most challenged of all creatures.  Dog and cat food is manufactured at such incredibly high temperatures it can "live" on the shelves at your local pet store for 7 or 8 years before it is technically not fit to consume.

Ticks and fleas are a problem that the pharmaceutical giants are all too happy to help you with.  Flea drops and chews that make insects die or more frightening still, become sterile if they WALK ON YOUR DOG...

Scary?  You better believe it.  For pets and people.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in pets.  They live short lives anyway and the onslaught of bad diet, toxic chemicals heavy vaccination loads and more mean if we don't get it right, we will almost certainly see them suffer needlessly and die long before they should.


Helping your pet detox is vital. Elixir is the only pet supplement of it's kind.

Agatha's Elixir is a cornucopia of nourishing herbs and vitamins.  Ingredients like milk thistle, apple cider vinegar, green tea extract, ginger root, B-Complex, sounds like something you'd find at an upscale health food store for people right?

Unfortunately, many pet supplements are simply placebos, watered-down, ineffective and mass produced for the financially lucrative pet industry market.